The Last Predator

Wanna guess what my night consisted of?  Correct! I watched the Predators wax a second  Western Canadian team in 2 nights and caught a 3 AM showing of the blockbuster Ferdinand.  Not what you expected? Well this isn’t a game show.

The Predators rolled into Edmonton tonight riding high off a 7-1 thumping of Vancouver the night before.  Undoubtedly, Preds fans were excited to see how the elite level defensive talent of the Predators would hold against the McDavid line.  SPOILER ALERT: Tonight,  Juuse Saros was the last Predator.  Saros was the last line of defense against the Empi…I mean Edmonton Oilers and turned away all 46 of the Oilers’ attempts.  On several different occasions, Saros even turned away the greatest Sith scorer of them all, Connor McDavid.  All joking aside, Saros had a perfect night in net and was aided by four 2nd period goals to lead the charge for a 4-0 win.

Things I Learned Tonight

  • Juuse’s Secret to Success

Apparently, all Juuse needed to do was play hockey every single night.  Saros has been served like a tennis ball back and forth to Milwaukee and Nashville the past month, but the plan has worked.  He was obviously in a slump early on, but has two wins and a combined 89 saves in his last two outings.  The Padawan is learning.

  • Let the Defense flow through you.

Much like everything in life, their has to be a balance.  Life and death, Light and Darkness, Offense and Defense.  As of late though, the Nashville defense has been up to the challenge in regards to both.  You’ve no doubt seen the stat going around about the Predators leading the NHL in points from defensemen, but the importance of this stat cannot be overstated.  Josi, Subban, and Ekholm added another four points to that impressive stat tonight.  The Preds have been built from the back end, but who would have guessed they would be leading this kind sustained pressure


  • Do or Do Not, There is No Try

The Preds are surely doing a lot of “doing” lately and now see themselves tied for the Central Division lead, with two games-in-hand against St. Louis.  I keep looking up and down this roster trying to find a glaring hole in this lineup.  Maybe our fourth line isn’t good enough? But then again, who’s fourth line is?  But when your fourth line has players like Hartnell, Sissons and Watson, that’s pretty good. Needless to say, this team is red hot.  Because of this, and with the holidays just around the corner, I send this friendly reminder to make sure you send your “Season Greetings” cards to GM David Poile.  He is often referred to as a wizard for the roster he has put together, and rightfully so.  But I take it upon myself to make a sudden name change.  Tonight of all nights he should be labeled “General Poile”. May the Ferdinand be with You.


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