HE’S BACK! Fisher Returns in Search of Stanley Cup.

As reported by numerous media outlets and confirmed by the Nashville Predators themselves at an organized press conference, Mike Fisher is returning.

Mike Fisher’s return is nothing less than shocking, but could give this team the needed boost to take them to the next level.  Fisher was one of the key ingredients in helping catapult the Predators deep into the post season, but an unfortunate upper body injury (concussion) left Fisher on the outside looking in during the Finals.

It didn’t take an expert to realize when looking at Fisher when he went to accept the Clarence S. Campbell trophy on behalf of the Predators, something wasn’t right.  He didn’t have the sparkle, the smile, the presence as he usually did.  Fast forward 9 months later, Mike Fisher looks poised and ready to jump in the saddle again.  “It’s great to be back” Fisher said as he sat next to David Poile and Peter Laviolette. “I thought about the opportunity and how good this team is…had a blessing from my family and wife…it’s going to be some work, and I’m ready for it.  I’m all in, and I’m excited.”

The thing that makes this comeback interesting is over the past few months Fisher has had one thing he hasn’t had in over 10 years.  Rest.  His beaten body has healed and he has had plenty of time to make sure his body can handle one more stretch run.

Poile and Fisher both let everyone know that they will be patient with this resigning, and the Fisher will have to get back up to game speed.  Fisher also let everyone know that this will be just through the end of this year.

The obvious question is what does this mean for the Predators? It’s obvious that FIsher’s heart, leadership, and 2-way play is a welcomed addition to a roster looking to make another deep run in the Stanley Cup, but can he help bolster the offense?

I wouldn’t expect for Fisher to play tomorrow, or even in the next few weeks.  Heck, he hasn’t even signed a contract yet.  If I was a betting man, I would bet we see him around the February 26th mark.  This is the date where the NHL rosters are expanded to allow for more roster spots.  This gives Mike enough time to get to game speed and give the Predators the time to not have to make a roster move.

What will undoubtedly be interesting, is if Poile will see that as his final roster, or if he sees this as a chance to make another huge trade deadline splash.  Is this a move that put’s Aberg, Salomaki, or Sissons on notice?  Does this give the Predators the resources to trade for a top 6 forward?

No matter which route Poile takes, Fisher should be welcomed back with open arms.  Fisher was the face of Nashville during their run last year, and if the former captain has anything left in the tank, we should be in for a wild end to the season.  Welcome back 12.

*Photo credit give to NHL.com Lisa DIllman.


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