What even is Corsi…or Fenwick?

Corsi and Fenwick…  two of the most used stats across many articles, but also two of the hardest to figure out. So here at Off the Pipe, we decided to explain it using English.

I know what you’re thinking. Reading about stats can be boring. This article is NOT boring. No worries. But for all you visual learners we have included video links at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!

We are the best fans in the NHL. Now let’s also be the smartest.

So what is Corsi?

Usually, when you hear the word Corsi, you also hear the word possession. Fenwick is usually right there with them, but we will get to that later.

The reason you see Corsi and possession mentioned together is because Corsi is the use of total shot attempts to show who had more possession because in most cases, the team who has the puck more also shoots more. This takes into account Shots on target, missed shots, and blocked shots.

The beautiful thing about Corsi, and is it can be used for a teams total possession or a singular player. Usually, the statistic is presented as a percentage usually somewhere between (below average)45-55%(elite).

To put it simply, a player whose Corsi is 50% is a player who doesn’t out posses but also does not get out possessed. Meaning if the other team has ten shot attempts while he is on the ice, that players team will also have around ten shots.

Corsi can get even more intense because it can be separated into four separate categories which are Corsi close, Corsi ahead, Corsi even and Corsi behind. Thats not really the focus here however.

Corsi’s cousin, Fenwick is a much easier thing to explain once you know what Corsi is. the only difference between Fenwick and Corsi is that Fenwick ignores blocked shots. With that information, it is easy to ask why even use Fenwick if it is that close to Corsi? The answer to that is for one purpose really… It allows teams to focus in on actual scoring chances in a game, but longterm uses are very limited.

Advanced stats are a very commonly used tool for gauging a player or a team’s performance, but they don’t read easy so hopefully, this take on Corsi will help you read stats easier, and maybe even bail your former favorite player out of the fanbases doghouse…….cough cough Kevin Fiala

Here are some helpful links for your viewing pleasure!



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