PK Swaps Preds jersey for New Jersey

Editor’s Note: Off the Pipe Hockey would like to issue a clarification. We did not mean to include all Predators fans as being of one mind. We would like to make an omission for Preds fan, Cindi Holland. She is not happy with the trade.

All in good fun Cindi!

The thing that fans have been asking for, for months has finally happened. P.K. Subban has been traded! To the Devils, for two seconds, Jeremy Davies, and Steven Santini…. Yes, really. That is all.

The valuation of Subban was interesting. There is no doubt he is a star and has the potential to change the course of a game at any time. but, 9 mil a year is a heavy price tag that comes along with the high-profile turnover machine. Don’t get me wrong, I like P.K. but if it walks like duck and talks like duck….

The nice thing about one of the seconds is that it was the #34 pick in this year’s draft which is notably deep. The team ended up trading that pick almost immediately to the flyers for the #45 and #65 pick which will let them better take advantage of the depth present this year. While the Preds did also get a defensive prospect in the original trade, Steven Santini has not stood out much. The former second-round pick in 2013 has failed to play in even half of a full NHL season and in his best season, scored only 10 points in 36 games. That makes me think that one of the highly rated defensive players on the board has caught Poile’s eye.

The last piece in the trade was Jeremy Davies. A 2016 7th rounder. Davies doesn’t have a lot of flash to him but statistically speaking, he is extremely consistent. In 111 games in the NCAA, Davies has put together 94 points over his three seasons. Worst case scenario, Davies pans out as a solid player in the AHL who could be used for injury depth.

Now for the big part, The Preds were able to shed P.K. Subban’s contract without having to retain any money for the remainder of the contract. That is extremely uncommon, especially in a salary dump trade which is what this one was, usually, money has to be kept…. For instance, Phil Kessel with Toronto and Dion Phaneuf with Ottawa. Both those teams had to continually pay part of the contract in order for the other team to agree. That’s not the case here.

That means that the Preds are free to make a huge play at signing a star. Matt Duchene is without a doubt the target. Duchene has big-play potential all of the time and could take the Preds to the next level. With both the Preds and Duchene having a lot of interest in that move. It could happen quickly after the start of free agency. In addition to that, this now also adds money in the bank for the team to use on locking down Roman Josi who will likely seek a big raise after playing on one of the most team-friendly deals if not the most team-friendly deal in the league.

If the Preds do sign Duchene, I expect there to be more trades which follow, they can’t expect one of Bonino or Turris to play on the fourth line can they? Especially at that money? No, not going to happen.

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