Matt Duchene: ​Free Agent Profile

A name that has been consistently mentioned with the Predators when it comes to trade or free agency rumors. Duchene is a skilled center who at times has been the primary trade target for a number of teams, and other times…. less than that. We are talking about a game changer who lacks consistency. A player who followed up a point per game campaign with a .67% point per game percentage (PPG%).

However, it’s not all bad. Duchene is an extremely fast player with an explosive shot and pinpoint passing. When he is used on the wing, that’s when he really uses his speed to get a step or two up against the defender. While this type of play is consistent with the direction that the league appears to be going, it does open him up to the potential for injuries as Duchene plays the game intensely.

While his lowest of lows came in Colorado at one point looked like the Cleveland Browns of the NHL when it comes to taking advantage of talent…. after all, for a second, the words “Nathan Mackinnon” and “bust” were mentioned together. Duchene has completely turned things around since leaving. In his last four seasons in Colorado, Duchene appeared in 249 games for the Avs, but only produced a total of 165 points. That’s a whopping total of .66 (PPG%). Which is not consistent with Duchene’s brand or the price tag.

Since leaving, however, Duchene appears to have found his stride. In his last 141 games which were split between Ottawa and Columbus, Duchene has scored 119 points. While still not the point per game pace that would be ideal, a .85 PPG is nothing to scoff at, especially if your name is Kyle Turris.

Obviously, a prime veteran center of Duchene’s skill set would be a welcome sight in Nashville, who needs a replacement star after trading P.K. Subban for a bag of chips. While the market is limited in Star talent, Nashville needs to make sure that they do not overspend since Roman Josi is due a substantial pay raise.

One thought on “Matt Duchene: ​Free Agent Profile”

  1. thank you for the follow up to the PK article and the depth of information on this possible player for the Nashville Predators.


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