Artemi Panarin: Free Agent Profile

Let me start this off with a prayer to the hockey Gods…. “dear hockey God’s, please do not let Chicago create the cap space to resign “The Breadman” Artemi Panarin. He has hurt Preds fans too many times in that ugly red and black jersey. We like that they suck now. Sincerely the Nashville Predators Fan base.”

I don’t think much has to be said about just how good Panarin is. While he has been extremely vocal about wanting to live near a beach, he should check out the nice clean beaches of Percy Priest Lake in Hermitage, TN. According to Twitter, the water is crystal clear. But seriously, While Panarin wants to live near a beach, it would not be surprising to see him skip out on a beach in order to chase a ring.

Just because I feel obligated to share these stats with you, the reader, here you go. When Panarin came into the league, his presence was immediately felt when he scored 61 goals and 90 assists in his first 2 seasons…. ha! rookie numbers…. literally. After being swapped by Chicago for Brandon Saad for some reason, Panarin got even better scoring 55 goals and 114 assists. While goals are more important than assists, there is no question that he just keeps better and better.

Players like this don’t usually hit the open market. Panarin is an elite winger who can change the course of a game at any time his skates are on the ice and the puck is on his stick. While he isn’t the biggest guy on the ice at 5’11 and 170 pounds, that hasn’t stopped him from doing some seriously crazy stuff. If he were to join the Preds, he would create an opportunity for Nashville to mix and match lines but would ultimately signal the end of the JOFA line. But hey, maybe we could score a powerplay goal.

I’d expect Panarin to sign the largest contract to ever be handed out in Free Agency. I don’t know what that number is or who it was paid too, but I stand by this statement. That my friends are what you would call a “spicy hot take”

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