Gustav Nyquist: Free Agent Profile

Well, now that the big boys have been talked about, let’s talk about the kind of big boys? Nyquist just finished his 8th season in the league, and the majority have been with the Red Wings, but at the deadline this year he was sent to San Jose to try and finally bring a cup to the city. They were so close too, you could say that they now have the Blues, after their crushing defeat to St. Louis in the Western Conference final.

Nyquist really tops out as a 2nd or 3rd line complimentary winger. While he has some offensive ability, he does best when he is not the primary scoring option on a line. While that doesn’t seem ideal, Nyquist will snag you 20ish goals a season which is enough to attract a number of teams, and he is higher up on the list of that second tier of free agents. The first tier is pretty clear, Artemi Panarin, Joe Pavelski, Matt Duchene, and Sergei BobLongRussianName. And while those are the clear-cut dimes, the nickels aren’t so bad.

Nyquist is an excellent skater who was a natural center but has adapted really nicely on the wing. He is very questionable on defense, and very small but he also has amazing skill and offensive ability that he has no problem showcasing at times in the season. The key word though is at times. While he could be a really nice boost for any team it seems that he is one of the most likely players to be overpaid this season. The potential impact he would have on the Preds is a middle six winger who is either a player that the fans love or a player that the fans hate…. depends on where we are at during the season.


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