Joe Pavelski: Free Agent Profile

San Jose is probably expecting to keep their captain, especially after a western conference finals appearance. But the aging American may have other things in mind. It looks as if he may try to join another team in hopes of finally lifting the cup sooner rather than later.

While he has not visited the Preds, the teams he has visited are very similar to Nashville. Dallas, Tampa Bay, and Chicago are all teams that look to go deep this next season and Pavelski certainly could help them. All three of these teams could use the goal-scoring ability as well as the leadership that accompanies Pavelski. As far as this year’s free agency class is concerned, Pavelski may be one of the most underrated targets.

Pavelski is possibly one of the most clutch players in the league. As well as having an accurate shot, Pavelski also is an excellent playmaker when he is hot. However, he can go cold just as quickly as he gets hot. Pavelski is also a stud in the faceoff circle and can play any position on the forward lines which is a valued commodity in the league. He has very mediocre skating by today’s standards but that doesn’t hold him back too much.

Minus the 06-07 season and the lockout-shortened 12-13 season, Pavelski point production usually sits somewhere are .70 PPG which is not bad at all. Especially when you consider the fact that the majority of his market is made up of teams that are already looking to be contenders.

The biggest red flag that I can think of is his age. At age 34, Pavelski is most likely looking for a retirement contract, but not just a one- or two-year deal. His AAV will most likely be around 7-8 million a season and as he gets older that will hurt more and more.


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